G1L WeldSplash 400 Jacket/Trousers

Product Code: 13816513
According to the 2016/425 PPE directive, it is an EU Type examination certified, carries the CE mark.
Heat and Flame Resistant Suit, Welder’s Suit, Metal Splash Protective Suit, Antistatic Suit
The user’s body; It protects against the negative effects of heat and flame, welding spatter.
Suit, EN ISO 11612 : 2015 ‘Protective clothing against heat and flame’, EN ISO 11611:2015 ‘Protective clothing
used in welding and related processes, EN 1149-5:2018 ‘Protective clothing – Electrostatic properties’ Certified
according to European standards and CE marked carries.
Color options: Orange, Navy

Technical Description

The garment is one-layered.
Fabric: Cotton 45%, Modacrylic 36%, Lyocell 10%, Polyamide FR 8%, Antistatic 1%
Design: Jacket and Trousers / Coveralls alternative options are available.

General features:

All materials that make up the suit are flame resistant.
FR black textile zipper (velcro fastener),
FR type metal toothed zipper,
100% Aramid thread is used in sewing,
Provides high protection with a protective front placket, which prevents flame entry,
There are slit pockets in the trousers with flaps and protection against the penetration of welding melt.
The jacket has one flap pocket on the chest, one on the right and one on the left.
The arms are adjustable with velcro.
It is produced in desired sizes in line with the customer’s request.

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