N2XH FE180 CABLE 0,6/1(1,2) kV

1. Solid or Stranded Copper Conductor
2. Mica Tape
3. XLPE Insulation
4. HFFR (LSZH) Filler
5. HFFR (LSZH) Outer Sheath


These cables are used in internal and external places school, hospital, meeting rooms and shopping
centers. Cables have circuit Integrity for min. 180 minutes.

Basic Data

Applied Standards : TS HD 604 S1
Voltage Rate: 0,6/1 kV
Conductor Type: Solid or Stranded Copper, Class 1 or 2, TS EN 60228
Type of Insulation Material: XLPE
Type of Sheath Material : HFFR (LSZH)
Sheah Colour: Orange
Max. Continuous Conductor Temp.: 90 ˚C
Max. Short Circuit Temp. : 250°C
Test Voltage (AC) : 4 kV
Min. Laying Temperature : -20°C
Circuit Integrity (FE180) : IEC 60331-21
Other Properties:Flame Retardant Test acc.to IEC 60332-1-2
                               Smoke Density Test acc.to IEC 61034-2
                               Corrosive Gas Test acc.to IEC 60754-2
                               Halogen Free Test acc.to IEC 60754-1

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